December 15, 2021


Ethnic Food Trend in Canada

Each province and city within that province brings its own one-of-a-kind cooking methods and styles. As the foreign-born population increases in Canada, so do the immense popularity and variety of ethnic foods. People living in Canada are use food as a catalyst to embrace diverse cultures.

Ethnic Food Trend in Canada is Rising High, Mainly Amongst Young Consumers

Yes, you have heard right. It’s due to globalization of food supplies, increasing count of refugees and immigrants, rise in overseas travel, and other factors.

  • As per a 2017 survey, ethnic-inspired foods such as Chinese (63%), American (70%), Italian (73%) are most commonly consumed by Canadians. But over the years, spicy samosas, pakoras, meat pies, and chicken have become primary centrepieces.
  • One survey also found that 72% of consumers prefer ethnic meals to break the boredom of their regular food at home. The report also tells that Canadian people would be more likely to switch to restaurants instead of preparing meals at home.

Today, chefs at restaurants and other eateries are building a new flavour profile using Canadian ingredients fused with ethnic flavours. This means there are incredibly sumptuous varieties of ethnic cuisines to pick as per your choice from no matter you go which part of the country.

The high demand and growth of ethnic foods are from the global-food awareness occurring in Canada. It means today, consumers are more educated about the meal they are having. They are looking for stronger flavour profiles.

Canadians Also Love Pre-packaged Ethnic-inspired Meals and Ethnic Food Kits

Their biggest benefit is they just need heating and are easily portable. Furthermore, it also seems that the Canadian residents are also interested in trying food offering that combines flavours from diverse areas and countries. In fact, many food brands are now looking to provide delicious snacks or prepared meals with ethnic foods.

Most food manufacturers mix ethnic-inspired flavours into their meal offerings in seasonings, pre-prepared or semi-prepared meals, sauces, and sides. Foreign-born people are also likely to experiment with meals across different cultures rather than their own food.

81% of people prefer to create ethnic foods from scratch and watch foreign brands as authentic. When asked what ethnic food offerings they would like to try, they said – foods that blend flavours from diverse regions or countries.

Wrapping Up:

As you know, Canada is an ethnically-diverse country. The increasing Canadian population led by immigration has affected many aspects of Canadian culture. Food is no exception. Thanks to the changing demographics and enhanced demand of consumers for more amazing flavours.

An increase in diverse culture plays a major role in the ethnic trends we see today. One of the great things about the multi-culturalism in Canada is that you can enjoy authentic food across the globe. Nowadays, Canadian people are also ready to discover other diverse cultures via ethnic foods. It also seems that the ethnic flavours trend will not go easily soon – either in-home or restaurants.

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