December 1, 2021


Know All About Meat Pie and Swedish Pie

The pastry is usually baked or fried at sufficient temperature to generate a Maillard reaction. With an oozing centre and crunchy outside, meat pies are rich in calories and protein.

But, on the contrary to that, Swedish Pie is a sumptuous Swedish food dessert that gives you an ultimate pie experience. There are many Swedish pies, but it’s worth choosing those with low fat and low calories. This post will discover all the essential things about meat and Swedish pies.

Australian Meat Pies

Amongst the different kinds of meat pies across the globe, the most famous one is an Australian meat pie. This wonderful Australian dish can be easily found in restaurants and bakeries throughout the country.

The traditional meat pie in Australia includes beef inside it, and cooked it turns golden brown. Australian meat pies usually consist of pieces of veggies and meat.

The biggest difference between British and Aussie meat pie is their “size.” Australian meat pies are tiny enough to fit in the palm easily. Therefore, they are usually called “pocket pies.”

Types of Australian Meat Pies

Below are the different kinds of meat pies:

a) Pot Pie

Australian pot pies differ between states and pubs. The most common ingredients used include beef, mushroom or gravy soup or chopped veggies.

b) Chunky Beef Pie

This classic Australian meat pie consists of rich beef filling and golden crust on the outside.

c) Shepherd’s Pie

A shepherd’s pie or cottage pie is a casserole with a layer of veggies and cooked meat topped with mashed potatoes. It is hearty and healthy too. It’s a meal perfect for the entire family.

d) Swedish Pies

If you have never tried Swedish pies before, you are missing out a lot. Its preparation time is less because there is no base crust and top crust is a very easy pastry recipe.

Types of Swedish Pies

Below are the different kinds of Swedish pies:

a) Swedish Apple Pie

The Swedish apple pie is also very delicious to consume. The dessert is loaded with fresh soft apples and spices like cinnamon. The apples used can be Cortland, Granny Smith, Bramley, Gala, etc.

It is typically served with cheddar cheese, ice cream and whipped cream. Swedish apple pie can also be made dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free.

b) Swedish Cheese Pie

Swedish cheese pie is a classic and conventional Swedish dish. It is delicious, nutty and creamy. It makes a rich meal. This pie can be served as the primary course in tiny slices as an appetizer or a filling salad. There are tons of variations of Swedish cheese pie, but the primary ingredients are always the same.

c) Swedish Meat Pies

Swedish meat pies taste much better when they are not piping hot. Their portability feature makes them superb make-ahead party food.

Wrapping Up:

Aussies love meat pies so much that they are fond of serving this delicacy during picnics with friends and cricket matches. One of the good things about these pies is that there are various flavours available. Swedish pies are also ultra-delicious. They can be stored at room temperature for 2 to 3 days or in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.

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